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Painting and Drawing


09.07. - 16.07.2011


1250 EUR


Day 1

Transfer from Prague, ice-breaker, welcome dinner

Day 2

morning - focus group - use of painting and drawing methods in learning processes of various topics and levels of schools, sharing of participants experiences
afternoon - seminar - recognition of materials, elementary theory, history and methods of painting and drawing and introduction of method of figuration of basic forms of nature

Day 3

morning - focus group - use of three dimensional perspective and its figuration in painting and drawing in learning process
afternoon - focus on three dimensional effect / perspective in nature scenery with use of drawing techniques
evening - seminar - study of colour duality and colour relations in nature, theory: "Colour as an essential quality of three dimensional illusion"

Day 4

morning - workshop - method of figuration of man´s proportion and body forms and its wide diversity in use
afternoon - seminar - figuration of elementary parts of human body with focus on form and proportion

Day 5

visit of an art exhibition with focus on perception of art objects, focus group: "Don´t be afraid of modern art" - method how to introduce art to students

Day 6

morning - workshop - individual choice of theme related to participants major and teaching practices, focus on methodical attitude to students
afternoon - individual work on chosen theme for final image with use of shared experiences and recognized methods and techniques of creativity

Day 7

morning - workshop - practicing of various methods of visual presentation of art objects in relation to technique, dimensions and social context
afternoon - verbal presentation of participants chosen art pieces to audience with focus on used methods and their potential use in teaching process, shared evaluation of approaches and methodical results
farewell dinner

Day 8

Breakfast, departure

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