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Czech Republic

Bohemia Discovery, s. r. o.
Nový Zlíchov 3172/6, 150 00 Praha 5
Contact person: Milan Svoboda
E-mail: msvoboda@bdiscovery.org
Phone: +420 775124358

Bohemia Discovery, Ltd. company using heritage as a tool for adult education during “art discovery courses” (music and art history of Czech Republic for foreign adult learners)


Haminan Kansalaisopisto
Kirkkotatu 1 B, 49400 Hamina
Contact person: Anna-Liisa Lavila
Email: anna-liisa.lavila@hamina.fi
Phone: +35857494521

school for adult learners teaching living history in modern way showing the unique heritage of Finland (in Hamina we have a 300 years old fortress, very rare in Europe) and the history between west and east (as a part of Sweden and Russia) through music, art, dancing, telling stories, etc.


Assocoation Tambour Battant
Maison des Associations 1 A place des Orphelins, 67000 Strasbourg
Contact person: Eric Mercklin
Email: tambourbattant@hotmail.com
Phone: +33954141619
Mobile Phone: +33643259546

Tambour Battant teaches music to the learners of all ages. We use music heritage as a topic. We work in priority urban area and also with disabled people.


Italia Nostra Onlus
47 Via Firenze, 06061 Castiglione del Lago
Contact person: Benedicte Rossetti
Email: benerossetti@alice.it
Phone: +390755725148

“Italia Nostra” – is oldest national association working to protect the historical, cultural and environmental heritage of Italy. The Association is particularly focused on educational projects involving adult programs on “landscape” - in the meaning given by the European convention signed in Florence in 2000- and European values. The work group in Trasimeno area is also creating a Laboratory of European Training (“LINFE”) in order to assimilate the population to European values via natural and cultural heritage.


Biedriba“Oleru muiža“
Oleru muiza, LV 4234 Jeru pagasts
Contact person: Ieva Zemite
Email: olerumuiza@inbox.lv
Phone: +37164230997

Society “Oleri manor” supports an active social life and cultural activities at historical places of the countryside, a sparsely inhabited rural district in Latvia, through cultural events, performances, concerts, seminars and workshops (seminars, educational workshops on traditional building for carpenters, four or five chamber music concerts a year and traditional dance lessons for adults who haven’t any experience in dancing).


Vilniaus Dailiuju Amatu Asociacija
Stikliu str. 4, LT-01131, Vilnius
Contact person: Gerlikas Darijus
Email: darijaus.galerija@gmail.com
Phone: +37052123143

Fine Crafts Association of Vilnius (union of 15 art workshops-galleries in Vilnius), each workshop-gallery is engaged in representation and teaching of historic and modern handicrafts and technologies, and representation of contemporary fine crafts. We organize and carry out various educational fine crafts programs.


Sor-Trondelag musikkrad
Prinsens gt. 44, 7011 Trondheim
Contact person: Kari Engen
Email: kari.engen@musikk.no
Phone: +4773883320

Sør-Trøndelag musikkråd organization is a non-profit government organization working for the best of amateur music life in general. This includes groups learning and performing traditional folk music and folk songs. We give courses in learning about music history, composers, traditional instruments, and traditional folk songs.


Muzeum Narodowe w Krakowie
Al. 3 Maja 1, 30-062 Krakow
Contact person: Monika Wlezien
Email: mwlezien@muzeum.krakow.pl
Phone: +48124249384

The National Museum in Krakow was established as Poland’s first national art collecting institution in 1879, and still today it remains an institution with the biggest number of collections, buildings and permanent exhibitions.The mission of the Museum is to bear testimony to national and human values by promoting world and Polish art, especially the achievements of the Krakow artistic community, as well as through museum activities associated with its collections and works of scientific, historical and artistic merit, which were produced out of beliefs of those who shared a sense of belonging to or respect for Polish culture, regardless of their place of residence, nationality or religion.
The Museum has learners with specific needs: older learners, learners with disabilities (mental and physical disabilities).


Calle El Trozo 29, 40400 El Espinar
Contact person: Javier Morcillo
Email: javier.morcillo@gmail.com
Phone: +34921183106

Public school for adult learners (over 18, older people and migrants) providing course dedicated to heritage around our region Castilla y León, with special mention to heritage world towns; in other courses, the heritage is included as a part of the themes we teach, as a secondary lesson where the heritage is part of an exam students have to take.

United Kingdom

Pro ART & Co
Plaza 319, 535 Kings Road, SW100SZ London
Contact person: Vesna Petkovic
Email: vesna.proart@googlemail.com
Phone: +442073517555

Pro Art & Co promotes education by presenting heritage, art and culture of different countries and communities.  These activities are presented to learners and the audience through workshops, music, dance, exhibitions, lectures, literature and visits to museums and heritage sites. Our main topics are the art and cultural heritage of European nations, their communication, influences and exchange of experiences throughout history. We target a wide range of the public, including those disadvantaged, who learn through proactive participation, including training and skills such as languages, IT and art techniques.

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