Methods and best practices tested in partners institutions

  Partner Presented Methods Presented / Date Tested by Partner Tested during Date
Czech Republic Bohemia Discovery Culture heritage discovery in authentic places and context Prague meeting, September 2009 Latvia Workshop "How to understand modern art through meeting artists". May - June 2011
Italy conference October 2010
Learning by experience and impressions sharing between participants UK Rumi poetry and Classical music where Scriabin’s music was played May 2010
France Workshop 17.04. 22.04.2010
Finland Academic Year 2009 /2010  
Finland Hamina Adult Education Centre / Haminan kansalaisopisto Connection between education activities and day to day life of the community    
Connection between participation in courses and individual work of participants
France Associacion Tambour Battant Cultural heritage discovery by practice  April 2010, February 2011, April 2011 Italy workshop April 2011
Cultural heritage discovery by visiting cultural institutions and organizations
Italy Italia Nostra Onlus Musical Landscape   Poland workshop, March-April 2011
Grand tour of Trasimeno, from Dottori until today   Spain Course February-May 2011
The importance of Fortress in Trasimeno area: historic and architecture approach   U.K. River Thames project September 2010
    Finland Academic Year 2010/2011  
 Latvia Seminar 21/11/2009
Latvia Society "Oleru Muiza" (Oleri manor)          
Lithuania Vilniaus Dailiuju Amatu Asociacija Creation of traditional Crafts and Art by using natural materials   Italy workshop September 2010
  Finland Academic Year 2010/2011  
Expression of  personal experiences through practical art
  Poland workshop August 2010
Norway Sor-Trondelag musikkrad Contact between the teacher and the student here and now        
Poland Muzeum Narodowe w Krakowie Connection between art history and individual creativity and life experience   Workshop Workshop op "Museum collections practical workshops" Workshop
Creative reconstruction of medieval craft      
Czech Republic  Courses "Painting/Drawing" and "Theatre/Dance" July 2011
Spain CEA EL ESPINAR Learning throught the content of a specific course Mobility March 2010 Finland Academic Year 2010 /2011  
Lithuania Intensive Course of English language June - October 2010
Improve the knowledge of the Heritage through trips to World Heritage Towns      
Extended aspects of the Heritage with the participation of external collaborator/ organization
United Kingdom Pro ART & Co Presentation of heritage and culture of different people through visits to historic places by using already available facilities at sites (countries, cities, landscapes etc.) Mobility 2010 Latvia Seminar 11/09/2010
  Lithuania Workshop November 2010
France Concert, Exhibition January-June 2011
Spain   April 2011
To involve participants in a series of projects through proactive learning during creative practical work, workshops, discussions or performances. 



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