Ensemble meetings

Finland, Hamina – April 28 – May 2, 2011
I. Participants

Finland: Anna-Liisa Lavila, Stina Piironen

GB: Vesna Petkovic, Senka Vemic

CZ: Dagmar Hartmannova, Petr Zamostny

Italy: Simone Petrucci, Federico Famiani

France: Eric Mercklin, Hsin-Ying Huang

Latvia: Karlis Zemitis

Poland: Marek Mroz ,Monika Wlesien

Lithuania: Darijus Gerlikas, Indre Rutkauskaite, Krazina Kriauneviene

Spain: Francisco Javier Morcillo de Pablos, Raquel Garcia Quina, Isabel Lopez Miyar, Jose Maria Iradier Arnau, Milagros Bartolome Diez, Maria Soledad Velasco del Pozo

Norway: Kari Engen, Torolf Engen,Jon Sandvik, Hilbjorg Sandvik, Greta Jagtoien


Total: 27 participants


II. Meeting agenda


            FRIDAY, April 29th, 2011, 13.00 – 17.00
1) Welcome speech – Anna-Liisa
2) HEAD project – goals summary
3) Outcome – done / to do
4) Final Report
5) Mobilities to do, Mobility Reports
6) Web site
7) Questionnaire about communication
8) Discussion
9) Individual work Coordinator / Partners – documents finalizing

            SATURDAY, April 30th, 2011
10.00 – 12.00
Individual work Coordinator / Partners – document finalizing
15.00 – 16.00
Continuing of individual work
III. Ad working  program

Ad 2/ HEAD project goals summary
see  PPT presentation ( sent with Minutes)

Ad 3/  Outcome – done / to do
Outcomes related to the 1st objective:

A/ Summary of used methods and gained knowledge
Was finished during this meeting
- Short description in the list
- Detailed description  made by partner who presented the
method and available for partners who tested this method
in their schools/companies (to use for final report)

B/ Testing the methods in different countries.
Was finished during the meeting.
- Short description in the list
- Detailed description: each partner in his final report. 
- Not necessary to sent this detailed description of tested
methods to all partners.

C/ W
eb site, CD, leaflet – in partner´s languages
Each partner will prepare  in his language and disseminate in his country, during the workshop….etc. National websites can be based on common project web site.
Bohemia Discovery proposed to prepare (in cooperation with a graphic school) the layout for leaflet without texts. Each partner could put his texts (in Word) in this layout. Layout would be available in the 1st half of July.

Outcomes related to the 2nd objective:

D/ Database of institutions, organisations and educators

Was finished during the meeting.

E/ Workshop
Each partner organised/will organise in his country – using also outcome C - CD, leaflet…

F/ Identifying of demand for new educational topics  in partners countries
– questionnaire and summary/result of this research.
Each partner made/will make in his country identification of interest in topics and methods observed in partners´schools and companies during his mobilities. This could be done:
a/ Sending questionaire to focus group (adult students)
b/ Discussion during national workshops (outcome E)
Bohemia Discovery presented its questionaire and proposed to translate headlines in English and send it to all partners.

2 objectives of HEAD project:
1. Exchange of good practices
2. Motivation of adult learners
6 outcomes (to declare accomplishment of objectives):
A/ Summary of methods
B/ Testing the methods
C/ Website, CD, leaflet
D/ Database
E/ Workshop 
F/ Identifying of demand

Ad  4/ Final reports

Each partner will receive the formular for final report from his National agency (in June?)
Not necessary to make common final report. If a common part (the same in all final reports) will be asked, Bohemia Discovery will prepare it in cooperation with partners (namely Vesna Petkovic, UK – revision of English).
National agencies will also send passwords for EST database. Information about HEAD project will be introduce in partner´s languages in this database.
Partners have to follow rules of their  National agency about  final report and EST database

Ad 5/ Mobilities to do, Mobility reports

All partners are  able to do all their mobilities before July 31.
It is not  necessary/usefull to collect all mobility reports (120 together) and put them on web site.
Each partner has to attach his mobility reports to his final report.

Ad 6/ Web site

HEAD Project web site www.bdiscovery.org/HEAD is updated and will be updated till end of July 2011. And it will stay there.
Will be used as reference for partners´final reports. All partners will put a link www.bdiscovery.org/HEAD to their web page.

Ad 7/  Questionnaire about communication

Questionnaire about communication during the whole project between coordinator and also about individual  communication among  partners was prepared by Bohemia Discovery and answered by all partners during the meeting.

Ad 8/ Discussion

- All program topics were discussed.
- All partners approved the concept presented by Dagmar.


Minutes taken by Dagmar Hartmannová


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