Ensemble meetings

Ensemble Meeting N° 1

Czech Republic
October 26 – October 28, 2009

Minutes from Ensemble Meeting, October 28, 2009

  • Eric    Mercklin    France
  • Hsin-Ying    Huang    France
  • Bénédicte      Rossetti     Italy
  • Sabrina      Batino     Italy
  • Anna-Liisa    Lavila    Finland
  • Dagmar     Hartmannová    Czech R.
  • Petr     Zámostný    Czech R.
  • Milan    Svoboda    Czech R.
  • Kari    Engen    Norway
  • Jon    Sandvik    Norway
  • Darijus    Gerlikas    Lithuania
  • Indrė    Rutkauskaitė    Lithuania
  • Ieva    Zemite    Latvia
  • Vesna    Petkovic    Great Britain
  • Francisco Javier    Morcillo    Spain
  • Isabel    Lopez    Spain
  • Monika    Wlezien    Poland
  • Marek    Mróz    Poland

Meeting agenda:

1. HEAD project goals revision
2. dates for future group meetings
3. individual mobilities organization and partners' needs
4. administration
5. sharing duties to achieve our goals (who is responsible for which part)
6. reporting and recording new methodology trials
7. reporting and recording individual mobilities' results (methods)
8. web & logo of the project
9.dissemination of project results
10.all group methods presentations

1. HEAD project goals revision

All main goals and aims of the project have been revised and cleared for all members as per our application:

-    Exchange of good practice and approaches to heritage education for adults via ensemble and individual mobilities.
-    For Grundtvig purposes, we mainly have to declare travel tickets (the rest of the accountancy work should be done according to each country's legal regulations).
-    Recording of viewed methods during all mobilities.
-    Testing these methodologies in different countries and recoding how successful these methods have been.
-    Rest of aims as per our application (will be available on project web page)

Also all outcomes have been reviewed and cleared for everybody:

- Main outcome will be a list of all viewed and tested methodologies with a record of how successful it has been.

2. Dates for future group meetings

The group has agreed that by the end of October 2009, Milan will communicate to Italy, Finland and Lithuania several dates, which will be offered to the rest of the project members and we will try to fix the dates for ensemble meetings in advance.

3. Individual mobilities organization and partners' needs

Individual mobilities will be set directly between partners.
The partner, who owns the mobility, has to report to Milan about it prior to the mobility.
Number of mobilities already used and future mobilities will be presented during ensemble meetings.

The following list shows, which countries prefer to host more individual mobilities during the project and which countries can accept only 1 group of partners during the project:

Poland - several individual mobilities are fine
France - several individual mobilities are fine
Norway - can/prefer receive only 1 group of participants once
Latvia - can/prefer receive only 1 group of participants once
Italy - can/prefer receive only 1 group of participants once
Lithuania - can/prefer receive only 1 group of participants once
Spain - several individual mobilities are fine
Czech Republic - several individual mobilities are fine
Great Britain - several individual mobilities are fine
Finland - several individual mobilities are fine

4. Administration

a)    For each meeting:
    List of participants (for each day separated)
    Minutes:
Program of the meeting
Record about how the meeting went
List of actions
Specific tasks, dates, responsible persons

b)    Project monitoring:
    Monitoring of all activities
    Comparison of the plan vs. actual situation
    Adjusting the project during its progress based on news, gained knowledge etc.

c)    Reports for National Agency:
    One report during 1st year
    Final report in project end

d)    Finances:
    Besides travel tickets we do not need to provide the Grundtvig office with any more details from our accountancy.
    How you will record and calculate the project depends on your regional legal regulations.

e)    Common expenses:
The group of participants has decided to collect money from each country to cover following expenses:
-    Web creation and design
-    Logo creation
Other common expenses should be discussed and agreed by all participants.

5. Sharing duties to achieve our goals (who is responsible for which part)

As per application – nothing was adjusted.

6. Reporting and recording new methodology trials

7. Reporting and recording individual mobilities' results (methods)

Till the end of October 2009, Milan will, with help of others, create a form for mobility, new methods recording and new methods trial recording.
The form will be used obligingly by every project participant to record all mobilities and methods.
Summary sheet of these forms will be one of our project's main outcomes. That is why it is very important to follow this rule.

8. Web & logo of the project

Project logo and website set up was discussed and agreed (see attached enclosure with logo image).
This logo, as well as the logo of Grundtvig and EU should be used on all our documents as well as on our web pages.
Webpages will be maintained by Czech participants.
Vesna will help with the English translations and layout.
The website will be presented in English and will be linked to all partners' web pages.

9. Dissemination of project results

All info will be disseminated mainly via the project webpage.

Recorded by Milan Svoboda, September 28, 2009


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