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HEAD - Heritage in Adult Education

Grundtvig Partnership

This project involves 10 countries, and aims to identify the benefits of the possible inclusion of national heritage in adult education, an innovative method of learning, which would enable people to exchange their experiences via mobilities. This is core to the project and an opportunity to include a much wider scope of knowledge in adult education, involving more European learners regardless of their backgrounds. Our search for an acceptable methodology will provide an opportunity to apply and use heritage as a motivational tool for learners throughout the continent, enabling them to enter better employment.  


• 1: Exchange of good practice in order to show diversity of methods (observed through workshops, seminars, meetings)
  • Summary of used methods and gained knowledge (published on the web, CD, written form)
  • Testing the methods in different countries in order to enrich the level of adult education in all participating countries and report on these findings.
• 2: To motivate more adult learners in education involving heritage:
  • Organizing workshops in involved countries (use this information for a final report)
  • Preparing information for workshops (for the web, CD and printed form)
  • Creating databases of institutions, organizations and educators
  • Identifying demand for new educational topics

Ensemble Meeting N° 1
Czech Republic
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Ensemble Meeting N°2
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Ensemble Meeting N°3
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Ensemble Meeting N°4
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